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Coach & Certified Trainer for
KANBAN, Scrum, Scaled Agile, TDD, LEAN

 Work Experience

  • ~21 Years of Experience as a Developer ,Tech Lead ,Architect ,Project Manager ,Scrum Master ,Product Owner & Agile ,Lean & Kanban Coach.
  • International Trainer : 4500+ professionals trained in India,US,Germany,Norway & Sweden ,Malaysia.
  • International Thought Leader & Speaker : Agile & Lean Thought leaders and is invited speaker for many conference and MNC’s events like Wipro,Autodesk,JP Morgan,Clarion,Sony etc…
  • Whitepapers : His work is also published in international White Papers for Team Productivity and leadership.
  • Lean Startup : Helps and working with many startups to help them doing Product requirements management and bringing high performance teams.
  • Global Transformation Coach : Done global enterprise transformations for global Software companies like Siemens,Sophos,Bank of New York Mellon,Cyberoam.
  • Social Agility : He started a non-profitable group(APGI) of amateur and practitioner agilest and technocrats which is now grown to have presence in Pune,Mumbai,Bengaluru ,Chennai,South Africa & UK…..
  • Conference Chair : Chaired APGI-2017 conference in Pune & APGI-2018 May-18 & Planned to chair APGI-2019

Satisfied & Regular Clientele

 Specialist Areas

  • Lean & Kanban : Vijay is Lean and Kanban evangelist and has improved many product lines and projects using Lean and Kanban practices.He has benefitted many clients by reducing their product cycle times and overall productivity improvements by Kanban and Lean Practices.
  • Agile Coaching : He is very experienced Agile and Scrum Coach with Technical agility practices and helped many clients on the path of business and organizational agility.
  • SAFe 4.5 Implementation experience at very large scale.
  • First time NEXUS framework implementer in India.
  • Combinational Testing & Orthogonal Array based testing : Vijay has helped spread the Combinatorial array based options creations and testing in India in collaboration with NIST USA.He also implemented in his and other projects as well as helped successfully implement Combinatorial Testing and reduce testing efforts and also help reduce test suits and improve Test Coverage. 

Coaching & Training Experience

  • Trained 4500+ professionals on Agile SD, Scrum & different flavors of it and Testing in Agile Team
  • Orthogonal Array based testing and Combinatorial Testing and implementation approach for improved and efficient testing.
  • Agile for testers training and helping Testing team collaborate and contribute to the organizational agility.
  • End to end complete Agile Scrum transformation with training to complete organization.
  • Long term & short term coaching for Scrum & XP implementation in Product Development & Testing.
  • Helping understand code quality & its importance for successful Agile Teams

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What People Are Saying

Rajeev Das
Senior Software Engineer at Siemens Mobility
"It's a good feeling to be trained in Agile by Vijay. He has sound knowledge in Agile and the development processes which makes him a humble and practical trainer during the session.He keeps the entire class busy doing practical workshop that in turn teaches people the benefits of Agile over conventional process like V/Waterfall model. I wish you all the best and recommend Vijay to all who want to adopt Agile in their organisation."
Shreyank Shah
Senior Business Analyst at National Australia Bank
"Vijay is very knowledgeable in various agile methodologies.The experiences he shared with his various clients were quite helpful to understand Agile transformation process as a whole. He was also instrumental in forming Pune Agile Practitioners Group."
Daisy Uppal
Scrum Master at Manulife
"Vijay was responsible for transforming Sophos India(formerly known as Cyberoam) from waterfall to Agile/Scrum Process. This was not an easy process. Vijay was very persistent, passionate, and patient. Furthermore, he was able to adapt his teaching and coaching methods to an individual's scrum knowledge/skill level.He nudged us when we needed nudging, and pushed us when we needed pushing.Throughout the transformation process, Vijay would share additional Agile techniques to further our knowledge.With his passion and persistence, he was able to successfully lead the road of transforming the firm from waterfall to Agile/Scrum Process."
Vijay worked with me as a Agile Coach. As we were already following Scrum development in our project, he initially worked with us and observed the way in which we work. After that he provided some valuable feedback which helped me to conduct scrum effectively.I especially liked his way to gel within the team and identify any issues which are hampering team's performance.He is also master in conducting Sprint Retrospectives. It helps team to identify any impediments and see if there is any way to improve the performance.Wishing him all the best for his future endeavors !!
Sachin Nirmal
Scrum Master at BNY Mellon | Eagle Investment Systems
Abhijit Gadre
Associate Director
"Vijay's knowledge of Agile and KANBAN is profound. He has mastered the art of training. His calm and composed yet cheerful nature has a very positive effect on developers. We had a great association with Vijay where Vijay trained our developers inculcate knowledge of agile in the way they understood. They are now being agile rather than doing agile. They now themselves wear an agile thinking hat rather than being coached continuously. Thanks Vijay. "
Mohit Agrawal
Software Development Manager at Nuance Communications
"I got an opportunity though a short one to work with Vijay @ BNYM Technology (Inautix). It was a great learning experience for me since Vijay has a vast experience helping different companies across multiple domains on there Agile journey. His ability to connect with different age group kept amazing me. Whether it is working with stakeholders, PO or scrum masters. Vijay is also an effective trainer on various Agile frameworks like Kanban, Scrum, Nexus etc. Looking forward to working with you again. Wishing you the very best for all your future and present endeavors. "
Yogesh Kamath
GSDM cum Relationship Manager with SAP OTC, PMP and CSM
"I had the privilege of attending a training on Certified Scrum Master, conducted by Vijay. Vijay is a great trainer and made the sessions informative and fun at learning. One observation, which is worth mentioing was that he had created the entire training story board based on SCRUM framework. Right from the word Go - Defining the Scrum roles, Sprint plan and various ceremonies/events, Artifacts and Q&A were articulated very well. He adapted the conversation to a specific audience, as per the situation at hand, shared his knowledge (Agile-Scrum,Kanban) along with the real-life examples. This helped me to get the concepts quickly. Wish him all best for future."
Vijay is a lively trainer i have seen yet ..Usually Training are sleepy but vijay channeled our childhood days experience to Agile methodology. He illustrates some other daily days examples implementing agile . He has a great sense of humor. I would call this "Learn with fun " training session . Which is very easy to understand give life to the boring text . Wishing you All The Best!
Shruti Manocha
Love to keep myself updated with new technology .
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